Far Off Followers

This will be where I share my characters. I’ll upload them as followers and save games. I will also include links to armors and other items used on the characters.

I’ve received many requests for the Merill Armor used on my character named Nastaljia.

Here is an example pic of the armor…


Here is a link – http://www.mediafire.com/?slf4pftn6fw1c56


Kasumi v4.0

I found this great follower recently. It was hard to find because the mod was removed from Steam. Many people ask about her so here she is..


Here is a link – https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=e2351a748f35f118&id=E2351A748F35F118%21182


4 thoughts on “Far Off Followers

  1. I love your ENB performance CGI. Looks beautiful. I have a low end computer and it runs great. Looking forward to your black haired follower and machinima, if you set it up post a link please. I remember I watched a lot of Fallout 3 machinima that was pretty decent. Thanks for your hard work.

    • Thank you! I actually never kent to post the info about machinima. That was a draft post that accidentally got published. I likely won’t have the time to do a machinima. 😦

      • That’s too bad. I think you have awesome talent. It would probably look like one of the Final Fantasy movies with your CGI ENB. Netflix doesn’t have any good anime or warrior or Sci-Fi that I haven’t already seen. The machinima is hard work. If you ever do it please share. If not then please post the black haired girl as a follower. She looks like a perfect balance to Aurora. I loved the Kasumi story, short quest but it brought back memories. Now she follows me everywhere.

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