Far Off ENB – Nirn (Natural Version) released

new nirn logo

Hi all

I released a new ENB on Skyrim Nexus.

Its kinda a mix of the CGI style vibrant screenshots I posted here last page, with a touch of realism. I will come out with a full on CGI style version, but the only issue with it is that it depends on a specific Nvidia driver version. This is because Nvidia changed the way Skyrim handles Ambient Occlusion after this driver version. The old version was much more dense. When paired with the right settings, it creates those amazing CGI like screenshots. I am working to get that version up. I just need some more time piecing everything together as far as a “how to document” on getting the game to look like those screen shots.

That isn’t to say this release isn’t great. I mean, I’m really enjoying playing on it this one at the moment. It is very well balanced. All the weathers look great and I think it has a great tone and clarity to it. Characters still pop out at you in a way. They appear to have weight to them. This is just how the lighting and shaders are configured. Here are some videos… I will try to get some screen shots up soon too.


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