More pics of upcoming Far Off ENB – Nirn

Still a work in progress, however I am nearing release very soon. Nights will be bright. This is a screen archers ENB at the heart of it. I personally like the look of the nights and the unique contrast it gives when showing off the character in a night setting.
There is a work around while in game for darker nights. I’ll go into details about it in the read-me at release. See the last pic in this group for an example of darker nights.


























11 thoughts on “More pics of upcoming Far Off ENB – Nirn

  1. Amazing screenshots far237!

    I love dat blue sky, looks beautiful. And the picture/color looks so clean and sharp… looks like Unreal/ASOT screens but better imo.

    Just wondering, if you do plan on releasing it, would it require CoT? 😦

    • Thank you for the nice comment. To say it looks better than Unreal’s work is pretty amazing. I don’t know if I’d agree with that though.

      COT is not required, but this config will work with vanilla and COT

  2. Hello,

    Stumbled across your page whilst on the enbdev forums and I am so glad I did! As Shin0bi said, your work looks as good as ASOT! I am really looking forward to this ENB preset although I do have a couple of questions πŸ™‚

    1. Will this work with ELFX?
    2. This may sound stupid, but do you have weather effects? (Only reason I ask is that I’ve only seen pleasant weathers in the screenshots and Idk if you’re aiming for something similar to Opethfeldt’s always nice weather)

    I am also REALLY looking forward to your EMO hair, looks amazing! Will you be realising it (and your ENB preset for that matter) on the nexus or exclusively on here?

    All the best, Mix

    • Elfx should work. I just finished interiors and they are pretty much a clone of the vanilla interiors minus the annoying bleached out bloom effects.

      The weathers should be diverse. Those screenshots with all clear skies is just because I was working on that particular weather to configure lighting. It’s just easier to start with the brightest weather as a base. Everything else usually looks good from there. I have some new screenshots to share with more diverse weather: however, don’t expect dark nights. The night lighting is kinda bright. Think of nights from a movie like the hobbit.

      • Glad to hear that! Ahh that makes sense, eagerly await those new screens!
        I’m fine with that, the ENB I’m using has really dark nights which basically mean waiting until the morning before I carry on any quests or anything!

        Any release date for EMO hair?

        Thanks, Mix.

      • Emo hair is actually done lol. I just have been lazy to share it again. I took it off of nexus a while back. I’ll try to share it again very soon.

  3. Won’t let me reply to your latest comments.. :S

    I doubt I’d be the only one who would appreciate you putting EMO hair back on the nexus πŸ˜›
    Awesome, I’ll add you πŸ™‚

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